The future is now…time to catch up

Looking around, it’s not a secret that we’re living in the future. We have access to all of the world’s information in our pocket. Robots deliver packages to our doorstep. Machines synthesize 3D products from a computer program on the kitchen table. And maybe the craziest thing: all of these products have the ability to learn.

Artificial intelligence isn’t just something that is in development or only available to the Googles and Apples of the world. My wife and I have a Nest thermostat that learns when we like to heat or cool the house, and when we’re away, the heating and air doesn’t need to work as hard. So right in our home, a computer is learning how we live and working to serve us better.

If you’ve ever seen any movie about the future, you’re probably thinking that robots will take over the world in no time at all. Well, I’m here to tell you that’s exactly what’s going to happen…unless we change our thinking.

Today’s workplace is filled with 10,000-Hour Experts. Each person on a team has a specific role with one thing to think about and one area of expertise. The problem with that: Artificial Intelligence does the same thing.

A.I. is designed to learn specific areas and tasks and then complete those tasks. A.I. knows everything there is to know about whatever they’re taught. A.I. today can even create something new, as long as it falls in a category they’re an expert in.

You see, we’ve become incredible 10,000-Hour Experts, and we’ve taught everything we know to computers. They know everything we know and are the best 10,000-Hour Experts there are. But they can’t make the connections between subjects like we can.

What makes us “human” nowadays is our ability to think in a multidisciplinary fashion. We’re able to take all that we know across an incredibly wide spectrum and see how they work together. What we’re able to do is think like a 1,000-Hour Pro.

The 1,000-Hour Pro knows enough about each subject that they can see how those subjects work together, and they make those connections. The 1,000-Hour Pro innovates through a creativity borne of broad knowledge. The 1,000-Hour Pro creates something totally new by pulling bits and pieces from all over the spectrum of knowledge. The 1,000-Hour Pro allows A.I. to do what it does best, while remembering that all of that knowledge is artificial.

A.I. will continue to improve and take more and more of the 10,000-Hour Experts out of the game. But the 1,000-Hour Pro will stay safe. Why? Because the Pro isn’t just a worker. The 1,000-Hour Pro is a new way of thinking that is always learning and thinking in a way that A.I. will never be able to keep up with.

2 thoughts on “The future is now…time to catch up

  1. This is excellent Taylor.
    It is also encouraging and I feel a little relief as I read it.
    Lee and I are from a Church that went through quite the horrendous time in the U.K staff members left and dropped the ball left right and center, which meant Lee & I had to function in several different roles at once, not necessarily healthy, but their was no choice at the time in order for things to function and move forward.

    However it left me feeling like a bit of a jack of all trades, master of none.
    I think often The Church not necessarily ours but just in general, blockholes staff into one role and I am all for the stay in your lane and don’t medal with other people’s responsibilities, as equally I have seen this cause problems back home too.
    However it’s refreshing to hear the reminder of how we were created to see bigger picture and not have tunnel vision for our “thing” whatever that may be.
    That we are not A.I machines but human BEINGS who see things and feel things and pick up on stuff.
    I am reminded that Jesus was an expert at this, when he was seeing to one person or even a crowd he would at the same time spot something else that needed attention.
    The crowd – he spotted Zacheaus
    The crowd – his heart went out the the woman with the issue of blood
    And vice Versa and the list goes on.
    He refused to be blockholed by the religious, by expectations, tradition or anything else.


    1. Thanks, Kendal!

      I love that perspective. It’s a delicate balance to find times to focus in on something that needs attention while still keeping in mind the bigger picture of what we’re trying to accomplish. I love the connection to this being important in relationships, as well. We can’t focus in on one aspect of a relationship or one person so much that all of the other relationships around us suffer.


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