4 Reasons 1,000-Hour Pros Need to Make Up Every Team

The 1,000-Hour Pro knows about a lot of things and can be helpful in all areas of a team. We know that.

But is that it? The 1,000-Hour Pro is a “master of none” that can be helpful when needed and besides that, they just keep on learning and do whatever it is they do? That’s all?

That’s a question I ask myself quite a bit, actually. If that’s all there is to it, who cares? If I just want to be someone who is helpful all the time, I’m not pushing any boundaries or changing anything for my team. I can be a quick “fix-it,” but that’s all.

Luckily, I don’t think that’s the only reason why the 1,000-Hour Pro will get ahead and become the most valuable member of any team they’re on. Here are 4 ways the 1,000-Hour Pros will change the way we work.

  1. Context

The 1,000-Hour Pro has a perspective unmatched by any other team member because they understand how everything works together. Just because the marketing team thinks it may be a good idea to roll out a new color scheme on the digital media campaign, they may not necessarily take into consideration how that color will look when it’s on a physical product.

The 1,000-Hour Pro knows enough about each area to understand how each decision will affect each team, person or product. Teams of anywhere from three to 12 people sit in rooms and try to make sure “all the bases” are covered, but meetings of this nature are time-consuming, costly when it comes to productivity and frankly, boring. When the workplace is filled with 1,000-Hour Pros, each person can consider the way their decision will affect others. The perspective gained by knowing how each cog in the wheel of your organization fits with another prevents time-consuming mistakes from being made, takes teams out of those unnecessary “check-in” meetings and streamlines performance.

  1. Chaos

Wait. I thought we just decided that the 1,000-Hour Pro makes teams move faster. Chaos sounds slow and messy. You’re right. It is…sometimes.

The mess does slow us down sometimes, but it also forces us to create our best stuff. In the chaos, we learn new ways to do things, we push boundaries we used to think immovable and we accomplish what we never thought possible.

The 1,000-Hour Pro creates a little bit of mess as they go because they aren’t perfect. Mistakes will be made and learning will come of it, but the 1,000-Hour Pro isn’t a toddler to be cleaned up after. That’s not what makes the 1,000-Hour Pro change teams for the better.

The chaos of the 1,000-Hour Pro comes because they believe they can. The 1,000-Hour Pro believes they can do it and if they can’t, they’ll learn. They get themselves in do-or-die situations that bring out the best in themselves and those around them. The 1,000-Hour Pro creates chaos because of a willingness to try something that gets messy.

If sticking to the status quo is more your speed, 1,000-Hour Pros terrify you, and that’s fine. I just hope you’re ok with being beaten by the Pros of the world that will create chaos and then thrive in it.

A couple of great resources about chaos: https://www.ted.com/talks/tim_harford_how_messy_problems_can_inspire_creativity

and Point #3 specifically of this article by William Vanderbloemen https://www.forbes.com/sites/williamvanderbloemen/2017/05/04/why-millennials-want-yoda/#56ef607866bb

  1. Creativity

This goes hand in hand with the chaos created. If you take a second to watch Tim Harford’s TED talk, you’ll learn that mess gives us the chance to create something unbelievable. The creativity that comes in the mess is something that every team in the world can benefit from because without it, we’ll get passed up by the next team.

The 1,000-Hour Pro doesn’t just get creative in the chaos, though. Pros are living in a constant state of creativity, and it’s because of their perspective, as well. When new skills are being constantly added to your toolbox, you’re seeing everything in a new light each and every moment. Each new skill, often born out of chaos, peels back one more layer from your eyes and clears up how you see the world. It doesn’t allow you to see just one path, though. As you are able to do more and more, you realize all of the creative ways you can get from point A to point B.

The 1,000-Hour Pro has the perspective and comfort in chaos to come up with the most creative solutions to the most challenging questions.

  1. Communication

Communication is a non-negotiable for the 1,000-Hour Pro. The 1,000-Hour Pro’s constant drive to learn forces them to communicate questions, as well as what they’ve learned, but they also have the ability to make sure teams are communicating well.

The 1,000-Hour Pro isn’t just one member of the team that makes sure communication is happening. Instead, when an organization is filled with 1,000-Hour Pros, they are making sure communication is a priority and is consistent.

Their perspective allows them to know who needs certain communication. The chaos they cause on a team ensures they’re communicating clearly amidst all of the mess. And the creativity they bring to the table is nothing without being clearly communicated.

The 1,000-Hour Pros convalesce in communication amongst one another. A team of 1,000-Hour Pros will communicate effectively and push your organization forward into the future.

The question now is will you accept that 1,000-Hour Pros are what each team needs and be a part of that forward-thinking organization?


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