Yes, I am a 1,000-Hour Pro

If you’ve committed to being a 1,000-Hour Pro, you’re going to know a lot and be able to do a lot. You’re going to be able to jump in and contribute in a slew of areas. And for those who are able and willing, those who need help will always come calling.

You’ll get asked by seemingly every department and area for some help at some point. Sometimes, it’ll seem like you’re being pulled in 85 different directions. Which is why I want to warn you:

You can’t say yes to everything.

The endeavor of the 1,000-Hour Pro is to be all things. You want to be a Swiss Army Knife in a specialty blade world. But the tools you have will only be effective if they’re not all used at the same time. Being a “yes” man and a 1,000-Hour Pro is a deadly combination.

Being able to help doesn’t always mean that you have to. Sometimes, you need to protect yourself and your skills from being stretched too thin. If you say, “yes,” no matter what, you’ll quickly burn yourself out and start to see your primary responsibilities slip, as well.

There isn’t another layer to this or some interesting story to prove the point. Just a simple warning to not get in over your head. Don’t say, “yes,” to all of the things all of the time. Hop in and help whenever you can, but know your limits. Otherwise, your Swiss-Army-Knife skill set will quickly turn rusty from overuse.

2 thoughts on “Yes, I am a 1,000-Hour Pro

  1. Bravo! I have taught many of my young colleagues the same lesson as they were falling apart in the security of my confidence. It is a lesson I wish I would have learned early on. Thank you !


  2. This is a tough call when you’re just starting in your career, but so very important to establishing yourself as a professional.


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